Monday, January 25, 2010

Project 365: January 19-25

I'm still hanging in there. I was really worried that I was going to just cop out by now, but I haven't! I keep thinking that I'm going to be so glad I did this. That's what keeps me clicking away every day.

January 19:
Just an impromptu self-portrait, including Kurt and Bella. It was late and Liam had already been in bed for hours.

January 20:
Liam finally likes his Raz-berry teether. He was just chewing away while I changed his diaper.

January 21:
Tonight after Liam went to bed, Kurt and I watched this. It was so good, and exactly like the book. 

January 22:
Liam happily finished off his bowl of rice cereal. He just kept opening his mouth like a little bird and I kept shoveling it in!

January 23:
Poor Bella never gets her picture taken anymore, now that Liam came along. She's a sweet girl! And she has alien eyes, which I can't figure out how to fix.

January 24:
While I made the waffles and Kurt cooked up the bacon, Liam hung out in his high chair, with his favorite toys: frozen teether, Baby Einstein Takealong Tunes, and his Raz-berry teether.

January 25:
Kurt gave Liam a bath tonight. It was so cute to watch. When I saw this sweet smile, I just about melted.


  1. love the dog and the baby...just visiting from jessica turners blog...great pictures

  2. i don't have the "kit" but i make a scrapbook a year. but i think this year my scrapbook is going to fill up faster than i thought. i was a teacher before i gave birth and taught 8th grade as well. it's pretty fun and i miss it, probably will go back when my little one gets to school. i let my certificate go so i have to do some hours to get recertified. thanks for leaving a comment!! i'll have to post some pictures of our doggies too.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Enjoyed seeing your photos!


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