Monday, January 18, 2010

Project 365: January 11-18

Hang onto your hats! This is gonna be a long one.

January 11, Monday:
This was our dinner tonight: crescent rolls, Kurt's famous mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts with bacon and passionfruit vinegar, and marinated chicken.

January 12, Tuesday:
I spent the afternoon just relaxing on the couch, with the sweetest, cutest boy ever!

January 13, Wednesday:
It was cold outside, so Liam wore his adorable raccoon outfit, complete with eared raccoon hat!

January 14, Thursday:
This is what Kurt found when he came home from work: me, reading, already in my lovely glasses, and a needy Bella by my side.

January 15, Friday:
Since Liam has been completely on formula, I feel like all we do is fill bottles and measure out formula. I guess it's Kurt's turn tonight.

January 16, Saturday:
Kurt wore his new boots to work for the first time today. This is what they looked like after work. They look pretty broken-in already, don't you think?

January 17, Sunday:
Today Liam tried rice cereal for the first time. He actually seemed to enjoy it.

January 18, Monday:
Thanks to Martin Luther King, Jr., I got to spend the day with my favorite little man. Here he is sitting in his rocking chair after we read a book together.

EDIT: I posted this on Monday. From here on out, I'll be posting on Tuesday, with Jessica, from The Mom Creative. Here's her button!


  1. Love it! Liam is such a chunk!

    You need to hook up with Jessica Turner. She is doing Project Life Tuesdays. I'm thinking it will be easier to just post all the pictures a week at a time with her.

  2. Hello, I enjoyed all your pictures. Liam is so cute. I love the racoon outfit. Your blog looks cool, like a layout. I found you thru Jessica's blog and I have one there too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh boy, your son is just adorable. He reminds me of my of my sons!

    Thanks for sharing~

  4. Thanks for the comment love! It's nice to know somebody is visiting!


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