Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Blog List

I hate it when I have nothing new to read. To combat this problem, I follow about a zillion different blogs.

For your convenience, I have created a comprehensive list of all the blogs that I read, listed by subject, and then alphabetically. You’re welcome. Although it’s not like anybody was actually so interested as to ask for this list. Oh well.

Food Blogs:
  • Ezra Pound Cake: Rebecca Crump lives here in Nashville. She makes all kinds of fabulous food!
  • Food Wishes Video Blog : So cool. Chef John does a video of everything he makes. And he makes a lot of stuff. Try his Chicken Parmesan.
  • Joy the Baker: Joy is a baker who lives in Los Angeles. She’s not only funny and witty, but her pictures will cause you to salivate on your keyboard.
  • Kelly’s Recipes: Kelly, from Kelly’s Korner Blog, posts her favorite recipes here.
  • The Pioneer Woman: Ree Drummond is an amazing cook. She has a cookbook now, too! Her blog is about lots of other things besides food, like photography, homeschooling, ranch life, and more.
  • Smitten Kitchen: Deb lives in NYC. How cool is that?
  • The Rantings of a Carboholic: My bestest friend, Keri, loves to bake. She works at her family’s restaurant and sells her amazing pound cakes on the side.

People Blogs:
  • Bring the Rain: Angie Smith lives here in Nashville! She just wrote a book about losing her 4th daughter. And she’s now pregnant with her 5th!
  • Think Liz: Elizabeth blogs about her family (including her adorable son, Jude, who is just a few months older than Liam), food, and crafting/sewing.
  • J Cooper Photography: Jenn is a talented photographer. She blogs about her family (such cute kids), photography, crafting/sewing, and decorating/remodeling her house. Before she became a photographer, she made custom kids’ clothes.
  • Jesus Needs New PR: Matthew Paul Turner lives in Nashville and is a writer. He is the husband of Jessica Turner, of The Mom Creative.
  • Kelly’s Korner: Kelly’s blog is all about her life in Arkansas. She loves God, football, Sonic, and her family.
  • Leslie’s Little Ladies: This is my sister! She lives in Georgia (with her husband and her “little ladies,” Emma and Madeline) so we don’t get to see each other much. Also, she is doing Project 365, like me.
  • Live, Laugh, Love…My Family!: This is my cousin, April, who lives in Florida. As you might guess from her blog title, she blogs about her family, including her two kids, Devan and Laila.
  • MckMama: MckMama lives in The Frozen Tundra and blogs about her family, her faith, and whatever else she’s thinking about!
  • Our New Normal: Robyn and I went to high school and college together. She lives in Georgia. She’s doing Project 365, too.
  • Petit Elefant: Allison calls her blog a “family lifestyle blog,” where she writes about “everything related to modern parenthood.”
  • The Design Girl-Project 365: As the title suggests, this is the Project 365 blog for The Design Girl.
  • The Mom Creative: Jessica Turner lives in Nashville and blogs about her family, her faith, saving money, motherhood, scrapbooking, and lots more.

Crafty Blogs:
  • Allie Brown’s Layouts: If your blog needs a new look, there are lots of options to choose from here.
  • Anna Maria Horner: Anna Maria is a fabric designer, author, and seamstress who lives in Nashville. She also has 6 kids!
  • Creativity by Crystal: Crystal is a digital scrapbooker and she also designs digital scrapbook materials.
  • HELLO, my name is Heather: Heather is a fabric designer and seamstress. Her fabrics are gorgeous and so are her pictures.
  • Pink Chalk Studio: Kathy owns the online fabric shop Pink Chalk Studio. She’s a seamstress and a quilter. She has also written some of her own patterns.
  • Portabellopixie: Sandi is a fabric designer, author (her first book is coming out this Spring), and seamstress.
  • Posie Gets Cozy: Alicia does just about everything crafty…sew, crochet, knit, paint, and lots of other stuff. She is also an author, with a new book coming out this year.
  • Simplify: Camille is a fabric designer and quilter. She has two really cute boys and a cute house. And she always looks really cute herself.
  • Skip to My Lou: The home of all things handmade.
  • Sneaky Momma Blog Design: If you want to customize your blog, Jill can help!
  • The Design Girl Blog: Danielle designs digital scrapbooking materials and does blog makeovers.
  • Kevin & Amanda: Amanda is a digital and traditional scrapbooker, amateur photographer, and recipe enthusiast. She also has a website with really cute scrapbooking and handwriting fonts called Fonts for Peas.


  1. Wow... did you have some time on your hands or what? LOL Thanks for the list though. I'm sure I'll find a few new blogs to read after looking through these one day this week.

  2. Hey Erin, I could not get any of the links to work. I was all excited about checking them out!

  3. Sorry. My code was all right to begin with, but Blogger added a buncha crap. So I'm trying to fix it.


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