Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Project Life Tuesday

I'm just popping in to say that I'm a little behind on my Project Life Tuesday post, with all our traveling this weekend. But I promise it will be up either tonight or tomorrow. Check back to see some super cute Liam pictures this week!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Project 365: February 9-15

We're out on another snow day today! This is getting a little crazy, don't you think? As far as I understand it, we have only 1 more day left before we have to start adding on days to the end of school. I love snow days and all, but I do NOT want to add on days to end. That will mean we'll still be at school in June. No fun!

February 9: Kurt had a job interview today. He looked so handsome in his purple tie and trench coat. I guess Liam wasn't too crazy about his get-up.

February 10: Kurt has been reading in bed every night for the last few weeks. Right now, he's reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. We're so excited because the movie is coming out in a few weeks.

February 11: Since Liam has started eating baby food, it's amazing how many dirty dishes he accumulates. We're always washing bottles, spoons, and bowls.

February 12: Liam's drooling has gotten out of control! Every day that he goes to daycare, I send about 6 or 7 bibs. And everyday, he soaks every single one of them. Poor little guy.

February 13: We think Liam's gums must really be hurting him. He's chewing on everything and whining a lot. His favorite thing for the moment is frozen teething rings.

February 14: We had a really low-key Valentine's Day. I made some doughnut muffins for breakfast. Kurt calls them "muff-nuts." Isn't he silly?

February 15: Liam has been really under the weather lately, because of teething and ear infections. He spend most of the day cuddling with his Daddy. Here they are in Liam's room reading a couple of books together before a nap.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Weekend

I can't believe that Valentine's Day is TOMORROW! It feels like I blinked and suddenly, we're halfway through February. My, how time does fly!

I have a few Valentine's Day related things to share.

1. Anybody who was going to send out valentines has probably already done so, but I wanted to share some awesome (and FREE) printable valentine cards.

First, is the Be Mine Freebie from The Rubber Punkin. I think these are great because they could appeal to any age. They look sophisticated enough for adults, but cutesy enough for children.

Second, are some mini valentines from StyleCrush. These are just so darn cute, that I can't even stand it. And a few of them have puns...like "sew in love." Oh, be still my word-loving heart!

2. Most adults I know just aren't too into Valentine's Day. I'm not really, either. Maybe it's the commercial aspect of it all. I don't care about flowers. I don't need an excuse to eat chocolate. And I already know that Kurt loves me. And I'm pretty sure that he knows I love him.

Without getting overly mushy, buying a single flower or box of chocolate, or searching for the perfect card, Becky Higgins had a fantastic idea for showing your love for your significant other (or anyone in your family, really). She called it Post-it Love. It's really easy and almost effortless. First, grab a post-it note and a pen. Think of something that you love about your family member, something that you'd like to thank him/her for, or just something encouraging. Write it down. Stick your post-it in a place where that person will find it. Done!

Something about this idea really grabbed me. So I did it. Kurt had been working some really crazy hours, and I knew he was missing spending time with Liam. So, I decided to write a note to Kurt from Liam. Here's the note:

It was such a hit. Kurt was so excited. He thanked me over and over.

I haven't done one from me yet. But I figure tomorrow will be the perfect time!

Happy Valentine's Day, ya'll!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Project 365: February 2-8

If my baby food post wasn't enough, my Project 365 photos this week are almost all about baby food, too. There are also a few repeats from the baby food post. And are you sick of seeing my adorable baby yet?!

February 2: Today I went to Walmart and bought some supplies for baby food making. Liam will be 5 months old this week, so we're almost ready to move past rice cereal!

February 3: I finally got to use the BabyCook that we got for Christmas from Kurt's parents. It is so neat. It steams, defrosts, reheats, and purees! These are sweet potatoes steaming up.

February 4: It was about 5:00pm and Kurt was all ready to go in to work. Before he left, he spent some time on the couch with Bella snuggling and watching TV.

February 5: While Kurt cooked dinner tonight, I made some more food for Liam. In the baggies, there are apples and plums. And those cubes are green beans. They look nasty!

February 6: Liam tried oatmeal for the first time today. He liked it so much that he made a happy bowl, even though he doesn't look happy about it.

February 7: The Who is one of Kurt's all-time favorite bands (and Quadrophenia is one of his favorite records). They performed at the SuperBowl half-time show tonight. But, as Kurt says, "it just wasn't the same" because John Entwistle (bass) and Keith Moon (drums) are dead.

February 8: We got more snow! All of this piled up in about 2 hours. Tomorrow will be snow day #8!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Adventures in Homemade Baby Food

If you think about the kind of mom that usually makes her own baby food, I'm not it. I don't really worry too much about pesticides, hormones, and eating organic. Most of the time, I don't consciously do things just because they're "healthy." I just eat what tastes good, try not to eat too much fried stuff, and limit myself to one Coke a day. I also rarely go a day without some form of dessert. I don't spend much time worrying about global warming, recycling, or my carbon footprint. That mom that you think of who makes her own baby food, it's just not me.

And yet, last night, I made baby food. I made peas, butternut squash, green beans, and sweet potatoes. I froze them all up in ice cube trays. I put them in freezer bags, labeled with the date and the kind of food inside. Doesn't that sound June Cleaver-y? Again, I would like to emphasize that I am not that. As a rule, I am NOT organized and orderly. And I pretty much never cook. I'll be totally transparent here and admit that my husband is the cook in our house. And I like it that way.

And yet, last night, I indeed made baby food. Want to see some proof?

Supplies from Walmart. Not pictured are frozen peas and green beans. If you think I was gonna be snappin' and shellin' the real deal, then you got another thing coming.

These are the sweet potatoes steaming in my Beaba BabyCook. This thing is way cool. We got this for Christmas from Kurt's mom. Thanks again, YaYa.

Here's the finished product...frozen pea cubes. Appetizing, no?

We're pretty excited about Liam eating real food now that we're all prepared! So far, Liam has had rice cereal and applesauce (from a jar, although I am probably going to buy some apples this weekend). Tonight we tried something new and gave him carrots. I bought these, because I read somewhere that it's better to buy premade carrots instead of making your own (something about keeping in the nutrients...who knows?). I mixed them with a little rice cereal, just to ease him into the taste. Homeboy LOVED it. He ate a whole container-full.

And I leave you with a cute video. I promise he's not crying because he's upset, or he doesn't like the food. He's only fussing because he's really hungry and I can't shovel it in fast enough.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Project 365: January 26-February 1

It seems as though my blog is quickly becoming a photo/video blog. I didn't really mean for it to work out that way. Hopefully soon, I'll do a post with something else besides just pictures and videos. I do have another cute video for tomorrow, though.

January 26: Kurt and Liam were playing today after a diaper change. I was sitting right next to them, but they were all about each other. Liam was smiling and touching Kurt's face, and they both were laughing.

January 27: Kurt worked late tonight, so I had to "cook" dinner for myself. Is this what it's like to live alone?

January 28: Liam is finally able to grab and hold his toys! We have his little toy bin beside his changing pad now, so he can chew away while we change him.

January 29: We were pretty much snowed in today, so this is what I did all day. Don't worry, it's all clean. I wouldn't air my dirty laundry on my blog!

January 30: We were in a Winter Wonderland all weekend! All of this snow is just from Friday. Kurt and Ryan went "sledding" today!

January 31: Since we were still snowed in, I decided to make Liam a taggie blanket today. I put Minky on one side, and squares of his nursery bedding fabric on the other. All around, I put little loops of ribbon. He really enjoying cuddling his new blankie, and chewing on the ribbon. 

February 1: Liam is teething, in a big way. We had to go get some teething tablets because he was so fussy. He's been spending most of his time like this, surrounded with about a zillion teething toys!

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