Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Project 365: January 26-February 1

It seems as though my blog is quickly becoming a photo/video blog. I didn't really mean for it to work out that way. Hopefully soon, I'll do a post with something else besides just pictures and videos. I do have another cute video for tomorrow, though.

January 26: Kurt and Liam were playing today after a diaper change. I was sitting right next to them, but they were all about each other. Liam was smiling and touching Kurt's face, and they both were laughing.

January 27: Kurt worked late tonight, so I had to "cook" dinner for myself. Is this what it's like to live alone?

January 28: Liam is finally able to grab and hold his toys! We have his little toy bin beside his changing pad now, so he can chew away while we change him.

January 29: We were pretty much snowed in today, so this is what I did all day. Don't worry, it's all clean. I wouldn't air my dirty laundry on my blog!

January 30: We were in a Winter Wonderland all weekend! All of this snow is just from Friday. Kurt and Ryan went "sledding" today!

January 31: Since we were still snowed in, I decided to make Liam a taggie blanket today. I put Minky on one side, and squares of his nursery bedding fabric on the other. All around, I put little loops of ribbon. He really enjoying cuddling his new blankie, and chewing on the ribbon. 

February 1: Liam is teething, in a big way. We had to go get some teething tablets because he was so fussy. He's been spending most of his time like this, surrounded with about a zillion teething toys!


  1. Great pictures. I'd love to have some of that snow!! Your son is adorable♥

  2. Thanks for visiting. It is strange for us Aussies to hear that school gets cancelled ...that NEVER happens in Australia. Our weather is not that extreme I guess.

  3. Your son is just gorgeous! Lovely snow photo. We also don't get weather like that here in South Africa!

  4. I love your pictures, they are truly everyday moments that you will tresure to have in years to come.

  5. I loved your pictures. Your son is so cute always plaing and happy. We have only a little snow for right now.


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