Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Weekend

I can't believe that Valentine's Day is TOMORROW! It feels like I blinked and suddenly, we're halfway through February. My, how time does fly!

I have a few Valentine's Day related things to share.

1. Anybody who was going to send out valentines has probably already done so, but I wanted to share some awesome (and FREE) printable valentine cards.

First, is the Be Mine Freebie from The Rubber Punkin. I think these are great because they could appeal to any age. They look sophisticated enough for adults, but cutesy enough for children.

Second, are some mini valentines from StyleCrush. These are just so darn cute, that I can't even stand it. And a few of them have "sew in love." Oh, be still my word-loving heart!

2. Most adults I know just aren't too into Valentine's Day. I'm not really, either. Maybe it's the commercial aspect of it all. I don't care about flowers. I don't need an excuse to eat chocolate. And I already know that Kurt loves me. And I'm pretty sure that he knows I love him.

Without getting overly mushy, buying a single flower or box of chocolate, or searching for the perfect card, Becky Higgins had a fantastic idea for showing your love for your significant other (or anyone in your family, really). She called it Post-it Love. It's really easy and almost effortless. First, grab a post-it note and a pen. Think of something that you love about your family member, something that you'd like to thank him/her for, or just something encouraging. Write it down. Stick your post-it in a place where that person will find it. Done!

Something about this idea really grabbed me. So I did it. Kurt had been working some really crazy hours, and I knew he was missing spending time with Liam. So, I decided to write a note to Kurt from Liam. Here's the note:

It was such a hit. Kurt was so excited. He thanked me over and over.

I haven't done one from me yet. But I figure tomorrow will be the perfect time!

Happy Valentine's Day, ya'll!

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