Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Project 365: February 9-15

We're out on another snow day today! This is getting a little crazy, don't you think? As far as I understand it, we have only 1 more day left before we have to start adding on days to the end of school. I love snow days and all, but I do NOT want to add on days to end. That will mean we'll still be at school in June. No fun!

February 9: Kurt had a job interview today. He looked so handsome in his purple tie and trench coat. I guess Liam wasn't too crazy about his get-up.

February 10: Kurt has been reading in bed every night for the last few weeks. Right now, he's reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. We're so excited because the movie is coming out in a few weeks.

February 11: Since Liam has started eating baby food, it's amazing how many dirty dishes he accumulates. We're always washing bottles, spoons, and bowls.

February 12: Liam's drooling has gotten out of control! Every day that he goes to daycare, I send about 6 or 7 bibs. And everyday, he soaks every single one of them. Poor little guy.

February 13: We think Liam's gums must really be hurting him. He's chewing on everything and whining a lot. His favorite thing for the moment is frozen teething rings.

February 14: We had a really low-key Valentine's Day. I made some doughnut muffins for breakfast. Kurt calls them "muff-nuts." Isn't he silly?

February 15: Liam has been really under the weather lately, because of teething and ear infections. He spend most of the day cuddling with his Daddy. Here they are in Liam's room reading a couple of books together before a nap.


  1. Those muffins look yummy! I can't wait to see y'all this weekend! It seems like I haven't seen Liam in forever!

  2. cute pictures!! I want those donut muffins :)

  3. your baby is about the cutest little man i've ever seen!

  4. Your baby boy is so cute,love his dark eyes. I remember those bottle washing days, and yes lots of bibs when they are teething. Hope the snow lets up for the season for you. I think everyone is ready for spring weather.

  5. Very cute photos! You and are are in similar situations - my youngest was born on September 10th so we too are dealing with the baby food, bottles, drooling, and teething. Fun isn't it?? Looks like your little one is rocking the chubby baby look too. Aren't chunky babies the best?? http://kooimans.blogspot.com/2010/02/project-life-tuesday-february-week-two.html

  6. Your baby is so cute!

    Have you tried teething tablets? they are all natural and they helped my daughter a lot. She got 6 teeth at once and she didnt even blink after I gave her those tablets.


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