Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Project 365: February 2-8

If my baby food post wasn't enough, my Project 365 photos this week are almost all about baby food, too. There are also a few repeats from the baby food post. And are you sick of seeing my adorable baby yet?!

February 2: Today I went to Walmart and bought some supplies for baby food making. Liam will be 5 months old this week, so we're almost ready to move past rice cereal!

February 3: I finally got to use the BabyCook that we got for Christmas from Kurt's parents. It is so neat. It steams, defrosts, reheats, and purees! These are sweet potatoes steaming up.

February 4: It was about 5:00pm and Kurt was all ready to go in to work. Before he left, he spent some time on the couch with Bella snuggling and watching TV.

February 5: While Kurt cooked dinner tonight, I made some more food for Liam. In the baggies, there are apples and plums. And those cubes are green beans. They look nasty!

February 6: Liam tried oatmeal for the first time today. He liked it so much that he made a happy bowl, even though he doesn't look happy about it.

February 7: The Who is one of Kurt's all-time favorite bands (and Quadrophenia is one of his favorite records). They performed at the SuperBowl half-time show tonight. But, as Kurt says, "it just wasn't the same" because John Entwistle (bass) and Keith Moon (drums) are dead.

February 8: We got more snow! All of this piled up in about 2 hours. Tomorrow will be snow day #8!


  1. You look like you are a great Mom!! Love the last photo. Simply stunning!

  2. your baby is darling--love those big eyes!

  3. Baby food looks kindof nasty... but Liam looks super cute! I can't wait to pinch his cheeks when y'all get here!

  4. The BabyCook seems to be great, I wish I had on of those when I started making baby food. You baby is so cute!

    http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/ this a great website for baby food. Hope you like it!


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