Monday, November 8, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: November 8-14

I am so proud of myself this week. I made my menu plan on Saturday, instead of this morning. And I went to the grocery store alone last night instead of waiting until today and having to take Liam with me.  I even wrote this post last night and scheduled it for this morning! Woot!

I'm planning to make these Chicken and Veggie Nuggets for Liam's lunch this week. For dinner, he usually just eats whatever we're having, so I don't have to make him a separate meal. But, he has been very picky and uninterested in lunch these days, so I've been trying to get creative about what I serve him. I bought some Whole Grain Sandwich Thins that I'm planning to use for mini pizzas. I also bought flour tortillas because he loves quesadillas. Yesterday, he had his first almond butter and strawberry jam sandwich and was a huge fan. So I think we'll be having those more often!

If you have any ideas for toddler food, please share!

Also, if you need help getting starting on menu planning or just need some new ideas, go visit Laura!

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