Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Chronicles of a Working Mom, Week 1

Monday was my first day back at work after being out for 11 weeks. That's a long time to be gone. In many ways, it felt like starting all over. Luckily, I remembered all the kids' names, even though I had only been with them for 2 weeks. It was much easier than I thought it would be to get back into the swing of things. And it did help that the kids seemed genuinely glad to have me back. One kid came in the room one day this week and announced, "It is so wonderful to walk in this room and see Mrs. Peterson!" That, my friends, is how you successfully butter up a teacher. So, all in all, I think it was a really good week!

But there were some things that I just hadn't thought about or expected. For all you working moms out there, my hat is off to you. I had no idea what a tough job it is. First of all, there are just so many things on the to-do list and not so much time to do it all. Count in being completely exhausted after being at work and that equals a dirty house and lots of piled up laundry. Then, there's the fact that you have to be away from your child all day long! And for me, that was the worst part. I'm away from Liam all day, then he only stays awake for a few hours after I get home. That makes me really sad! I don't think that I really ever understood the extent of "mommy love" until Liam. It's intense!

With all those complaints, I have to say that I am also extremely lucky to have a wonderful husband, who is also a fantastic father. Kurt has been staying home with Liam all week. I think it was a bit of an adjustment for the first day or two, but he caught on really quickly! Somehow, he has morphed into Mr. SuperMom! When I come home in the afternoons, I'm shocked at what he accomplishes in a day. Yesterday, he even made my breakfast and my lunch. Am I spoiled, or what?! On Monday, Kurt will have to take Liam to the doctor for his 2 month check-up. Lots of moms would be worried about that, thinking that the dad wouldn't be able to answer all the questions, or deal with the crying, grumpy baby after he's had his shots. Not me. Kurt has got it under control! At least somebody around here does...haha

For your viewing pleasure, here is a video of Liam doing tummy time. He's 10 weeks old now. Can you believe it?!


  1. I'm glad you survived your first week. It does get a little easier, but it's still hard to be away from your baby for long periods. I really thought being a working mom was the toughest job ever.....until I decided to be a stay at home mom. Now, I know that going to work was definitely easier most days than staying home with 2 kids all day alone. But, I don't think I would trade places, even though I do miss the adult interaction. I feel like I missed out on so much with Emma and I am so thankful that I can stay home this time with Madeline.

  2. BTW: When I played the video, I had Madeline in my lap, and she stopped eating, and started babbling at him. I can't wait for them to meet in a few weeks! She is mixing her da and ma sounds now, so it sounded something like: da da ma da ma da maaaa



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